The Basics of Ecommerce Analytics

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Ecommerce is a data game. Whether or not you can scale your online revenue is dependent on tracking the key metrics for your site. Plain and simple. There is a seemingly endless amount of data that you can track and analyze for an eCommerce business – to the point of being cripplingly overwhelming when in the […]

The Basics of Inventory

The products that you buy and sell are the core of your business, and as such, it’s important to ensure you have processes in place to keep track of inventory so you can always track how much you’re selling, what’s selling, what’s not selling, and most importantly, how much money you’re making. However, keeping track […]

Inventory Planning Explained

If you’ve attended any events designed around independent retail, there has likely been a “retail expert” that is talking about inventory planning. These guys, most of them legitimate retail experts, will elegantly talk about open to buy and creating inventory plans and inspire you with the idea of keeping more money, seeing sales grow, and […]

Inventory Reports – Basics

As we discussed in our recent post on inventory turn, we talked about the importance of inventory planning and how calculating your inventory turn can allow you to create a strategy for buying. Today we’re going to take one more step further into your reports and begin to see how we can use them to […]

What is “Inventory Turn” and what does it mean for retailers?

Of all challenges a retailer faces, the challenge of purchasing the right amount of product has to be among the top three. Buy too much and your cash flow tanks; buy too little and you’re losing out on sales and revenue. How much do you need? Enough for your customers to buy but no more. […]

Free Shipping Offers: Are They Helping Or Hurting Your Profits?

This is the third and final piece to our three part series on how to optimize your free shipping offers. Part 1 – Better Placement for Higher Conversions Part 2 – Utilizing Your Cart Page In the previous two articles of this series, I’ve been banging the drum that free shipping offers are a very simple […]

Retail Metrics I: GMROI

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Retail Metrics: An Introduction We wish that retail was all fun. If you’re like a lot of the people we work with, you have a passion for your product, your customers, your employees, and couldn’t imagine doing something different. Retailers get to be curators for their local markets that influence fashion, home design, sports trends, […]