Community Over Competition In The New Retail Economy

Ashley Alderson and Josh Orr

This is an episode of the Retail Initiative podcast – listen and subscribe to it here. —— Our guest, Ashley Alderson, from The Boutique Hub, shares some incredible advice on true community over competition and how that mindset can help propel your business forward. Josh and Ashley also discuss Q4 tips and retail in the new economy packing this […]

How Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Increase Sales

photo of laptop with graphs on it

Chances are, when you opened your store you imagined merchandising, serving your customers, and providing an incredible in-store experience. And then, over the last five years, things really began to shift. Even before COVID, eCommerce sales were becoming a larger percentage of total retail sales year by year. Customers were shopping online more and more. […]

Avoiding the Conversion Killer of Mismatched Expectations

You have made sure that when a customer walks into your store that their expectations will be met with a wonderful shopping experience. However, will your customer have the same shopping experience with you online? By now, you know that eCommerce is the best way of staying relevant and scaling a brick-and-mortar retail business. What […]

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Expect in 2022

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Expect in 2022

Brick and mortar stores are back (not that they went anywhere), but they’re different than before; at least the good ones are. People still want the experience of going to a store and browsing products in person, but with many now going to Amazon or only shopping online, retailers will need to find new ways […]

3 Simple Ways to Increase Holiday Revenue This Season (and Q1)

As if things couldn’t get crazier, 2021 did not disappoint. Just like last year, the holidays basically started in June. With this year predicted to be one of the biggest holiday seasons yet, it is more important than ever that retailers develop strategies to not only gain new customers but have their customers spend more. […]

The 3 Obstacles to Online Success for Brick and Mortar Retail – COVID Edition

If eCommerce seemed optional before, nobody thinks so now. But, how to actually succeed online is a different story.  For most brick and mortar retailers, the idea of growing their business online seemed impossible. It’s like Michael Jordan trying to play baseball. Though he’s a great athlete and was “passable” as a good player, he […]

Your Last Minute BFCM Plan

For Brick and Mortar retailers, Black Friday is the real deal. It’s a chance to bring people in your store and give them a great experience that will lead them to return in the new year. Not to mention, they’ll get some great gifts for their friends. For those of you online, we get to […]

3 Tools Every Independent Retailer Needs

Running a retail business can be an incredibly daunting task. What we find when working with our clients is that they don’t have the right tools in place to handle what they’re doing. I mean, they have ways of accomplishing the end goal but they spend countless hours doing manual work instead of automating their […]

3 Features of Klaviyo You May Not Know About

A consensus top 5 tool that retailers need to succeed in eCommerce is email marketing automation – to the point of being a “no excuse” must-have for your store. By not taking advantage of automated email flows like an abandoned cart sequence or customer re-engagement campaign, you’re leaving serious money on the table. The abandoned […]

Facebook Ads: Basic Strategies to Grow a Retail Business

A common mistake when first starting out with Facebook ads is to try and build an audience through Facebook’s targeting profiles – things like interests, location, gender, income. That can certainly work well, especially if you’re patient in optimizing that audience over time, but if you’re just starting out and need to see some results from […]