Hale House

“Bottling Up” the Brand Experience

The team at Hale House had built a local cult following and business had grown since their founding in an Airstream Trailer. While they were growing a large social media following, the site experience didn’t capture the “magic” of the in-store experience. By understanding the brand and all the things their raving fans love, we built an eCommerce experience worthy of their brand – creating immediate results and a nationwide following.

hale house boutique photo and website mockup
phone mockup of hale house's home page

The hightlights

Unique Collection Curation // A Shop the Look feature // ADD OUTFIT TO CART

Capturing the “magic” of the in-store experience

When Hale House’s perfect customer walks into their store, they immediately feel like a store was created for someone like them. The customer service is top-notch and their unique curation creates long-term customers. Capturing this meant incorporating the best of the in-store experience online.

For Hale House, this started with the first impression. When a customer visits the site, we wanted to bring out the same feeling they get when they walk into their store. The end result was a site just as fun and bright as they are in-store.

woman with heart sunglasses
two phones with websites on them

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