Free Shipping Offers: Utilizing the Cart Page

This is the second article of a three part series on maximizing conversions from your free shipping offers.

Part 1 – Better Placement for Higher Conversions →

Free shipping, while helping you stay competitive with the likes of Amazon and that other guy down the street, is also a sure-fire way to raise your average order value (AOV).

By setting an order threshold to qualify for free shipping, you are encouraging customers to meet that threshold when they checkout.

If your order minimum to qualify for free shipping is $50, people who would normally purchase goods in the $25-$49 range are more likely to add items to their cart to meet the threshold and save on delivery fees. This is a very simple and very effective strategy for any eCommerce business to raise AOV.

However, as we discussed in the previous article, those free shipping offers are often overlooked or forgotten by the time they reach checkout.

In conjunction with displaying your offer in other critical positions throughout the store, it’s also important that you remind customers how they can qualify for your free shipping offer.

This is best done on the cart page or a cart summary dropdown in the header. See the examples below from Kohls and Thrive Market in how they display this reminder.

Thrive cart header notice
Kohls cart header notice
Thrive Market includes a reminder about their free shipping minimum close by the checkout button on the cart page.

The key to this tactic is making it crystal clear how they can qualify for free shipping in a way that prompts them during their shopping experience to meet that minimum.

Here are some helpful resources on how to incorporate this feature in your own store:

In the third and final article of this series, we’ll be exploring the question: is offering free shipping good for your business?

Part 3 – Is Your Free Shipping Offer Helping or Hurting Your Profits?

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