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Introducing Capital Commerce

New Brand. New Site. New Retail.

Hey there,

We’ve been working on some big things over here and we’re excited to finally share the big news with you.

Streamline Retail is now Capital Commerce.

Over the past 10 years, the ways we’ve helped brick and mortar retailers has shifted and evolved. Like a lot of entrepreneurs early in their journey, we were doing a little bit of everything for our market and about 5 years ago we decided to focus on combining the type of work we love doing with the place we could make the biggest impact.

Helping brick and mortar retailers gain traction online through eCommerce design that brings the best of the in-store experience online and equipping retailers with a plan to increase traffic and keep customers coming back.

But as we did this, our brand didn’t keep up. It was like trying to put a round peg in a square hole.

So we went through the same process we help retailers with and worked to “bottle up” our own brand experience and we can’t wait for you to see all that’s in-store.

We’re doubling down on our mission and the impact we love making.

This is a new chapter and we’re excited to have you here.

You can still expect to receive valuable content on growing your online sales, only better.

We’re excited to have you here for this new chapter in our business and can’t wait to help you start a new one in yours.

-Josh Orr

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Bottle Up Your
In-Store Experience

An exclusive eCommerce masterclass to increase online sales by taking the best of your in-store experience online.