2018 Predictions for Independent Retailers – Part Two

Independent Retailers will be able to automate more of their process, but hustle will separate the winners from losers.  Retail looks different than it ever has. Like all other industries, time creates more change than we realize and it takes a lot of work to stay on top of that change. Some change can work […]

2018 Predictions for Independent Retailers – Part One

An Introduction. Why do predictions? 2017 was a year of constant change for independent retailers. This isn’t new; retail has seen constant change for as long as I can remember. On the other hand, some pieces of retail don’t seem to change at all. The medium changes, but the heart of retail remains steady. For […]

What Independent Retailers Can Learn From Prime Day

prime day retail lessons

Prime Day 2017 is here. Our offices are slightly less productive and we never knew we needed a device that makes vegetables into twirly noodles but here we are and it should be here on Thursday. I imagine this is the same for you and some of your friends. Quite a bit goes on a […]

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