3 Tools Every Independent Retailer Needs

Running a retail business can be an incredibly daunting task. What we find when working with our clients is that they don’t have the right tools in place to handle what they’re doing. I mean, they have ways of accomplishing the end goal but they spend countless hours doing manual work instead of automating their […]

Facebook Ads: Basic Strategies to Grow a Retail Business

A common mistake when first starting out with Facebook ads is to try and build an audience through Facebook’s targeting profiles – things like interests, location, gender, income. That can certainly work well, especially if you’re patient in optimizing that audience over time, but if you’re just starting out and need to see some results from […]

Tool Selection When Launching a Retail Store

Launching your retail business includes countless details to consider. From choosing your space, picking branding, messaging, and attempting to staff your store, you have a lot to consider. One of the greatest challenges is selecting the tools needed to grow your business and knowing what to prioritize. It can be intimidating to visit website after […]

3 Misconceptions In-Store Retailers Believe About their Online Store

Most brick and mortar retailers are coming around to the idea that eCommerce is going to be a central part of staying relevant and continuing to scale their business. What was once a novelty for your customer has become an expectation (haven’t we all had the “Can I get this online?” conversation more than once) […]

How to Install the Facebook Pixel on your Lightspeed eCom site

Updated November 6, 2019 Installing your Facebook Pixel on your Lightspeed eCom site is a simple copy/paste process. 6 Steps to Install the Facebook Pixel in Lightspeed eCom If you haven’t already created your Facebook Pixel, begin by doing that. Once completed, copy your Pixel ID, you’ll need that later. Facebook allows you to add […]

9 Lightspeed eCommerce Apps That Every Retailer Should Be Using

Since writing this article, Lightspeed’s app store has continued to grow, so we’ve published an updated post with our top recommendations for 2020. In today’s world of open source and SaaS ecommerce platforms, apps are key to take your online store to the next level without blowing through your capital or taking on more debt. […]

Ecommerce Platforms: Choosing the Best Fit for Your Retail Business

Deciding what eCommerce platform to commit to for your online store can be an overwhelming decision for merchants, so our aim here is to simplify your options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. There are literally hundreds of eCommerce platforms on the market – but we rarely, if ever, recommend outside of these […]

Shopify Unite 2018 – What Retailers Need to Know About

Shopify just wrapped up their Unite conference, which is their annual platform for big announcements on new features and updates. As Shopify partners, we’re always keen to stay at the forefront of what Shopify is up to and how those changes will affect you as a merchant. Here are the top takeaways and what each […]