What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Expect in 2022

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Expect in 2022

Brick and mortar stores are back (not that they went anywhere), but they’re different than before; at least the good ones are. People still want the experience of going to a store and browsing products in person, but with many now going to Amazon or only shopping online, retailers will need to find new ways […]

Guest Post: Marketing Your Events

A note from Streamline: Today’s post is from Dana Kantalis. Dana is an expert retail strategist with vast experience in wholesale, online, and brick and mortar retail. Having worked for majors like Neiman Marcus, Horchow.com, and Tootsies, she now aptly guides independent retailers to growing their business by managing inventory and improving cash flow. In her […]

Identifying Your Brand and Brand Voice

We know that branding is important, especially in the modern retail world. With the growing saturation of retailers in the industry, businesses are relying on branding more than ever – how it sets them apart and how it shapes the customer experience, both in-store and online. Contrary to popular belief, it’s much more than just […]

3 Misconceptions In-Store Retailers Believe About their Online Store

Most brick and mortar retailers are coming around to the idea that eCommerce is going to be a central part of staying relevant and continuing to scale their business. What was once a novelty for your customer has become an expectation (haven’t we all had the “Can I get this online?” conversation more than once) […]

Identifying or Creating Your Competitive Advantages

A note from Streamline: This post was originally featured on Retail Initiative, a resource for retail entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and be inspired by retail experts and other retailers just like you. Visit www.retailinitiative.com to access exclusive content, live classes, and professional courses for independent retailers serious about scaling up. If I were to ask […]

Gift Guides: A Powerful Marketing Tool for the Holidays

While the holidays are the peak time of year for retailers, it often creates a nagging sense of “I could be doing more” – better marketing, smarter inventory control, generating more online sales. You want to squeeze the most out of the shopping season, but it’s difficult to hit on strategies that work, that rise […]

Black Friday and Independent Retail

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. I’m not sure I even have to actually say that, it’s just one of those “intro”-y kind of things you say to start off a post. I remember my mom leaving the house early every Friday after Thanksgiving in hopes of getting our […]

2018 BigCommerce Partner Summit Recap: Ways to Thrive Online

The 2018 BigCommerce Partner Summit wrapped up today in Austin, TX, and I was especially glad to be a part of the festivities. While this is primarily an event to update service partners on the roadmap ahead for the popular commerce platform, there were also some highlights on what’s ahead for online and mobile commerce […]

Inventory Planning Explained

If you’ve attended any events designed around independent retail, there has likely been a “retail expert” that is talking about inventory planning. These guys, most of them legitimate retail experts, will elegantly talk about open to buy and creating inventory plans and inspire you with the idea of keeping more money, seeing sales grow, and […]

How to Install the Facebook Pixel on your Lightspeed eCom site

Updated November 6, 2019 Installing your Facebook Pixel on your Lightspeed eCom site is a simple copy/paste process. 6 Steps to Install the Facebook Pixel in Lightspeed eCom If you haven’t already created your Facebook Pixel, begin by doing that. Once completed, copy your Pixel ID, you’ll need that later. Facebook allows you to add […]