Shopify Developer

Capital Commerce is looking for a full-time Shopify Developer to join our growing team starting immediately. You’ll play a key role in helping us increase our impact on our clients by building a solid foundation for their online stores through custom development and implementation of Shopify apps and tools.

On any given project, you will work in conjunction with our leadership team and our design and development specialists to build and enhance a client’s website. This will also involve communicating directly with clients and our project managers to launch their new site.

For this position to best serve our clients and collaborate with our team, the workday must be 40 hours per week and overlap at least 6 hours with an 8:00 am-5:00 pm (UTC−06:00) daily schedule, Monday – Friday.


  • Ability to scale our client intake while still maintaining dependable and quality development of our clients’ websites. You would be able to complete development for a client project within 2 weeks, including theme setup, app installations, and development to match our mockups. This would be in addition to working on 1-3 other client sites in the development and revision stages.
  • Alleviating the dependency on our head developer by being able to independently accomplish the workload of Shopify development, theme setups, app installations, client revisions, and filter and navigation work. You should be able to follow our code library and process.
  • Clients feel heard and taken care of during the development and launch phases of our programs. A 100% client satisfaction rate for the development stages of our programs is the norm.
  • There is a regular collaboration among the development and design teams to reach client goals.
  • We continue the expansion of our code library by recognizing reusable code that can be added to GitHub to streamline our development process for future projects.
  • We are adding a new member to our team that is bought into our core values and culture. He/She is able to relate and communicate well with the team.

Required Competencies

  • At least 2 years of professional experience in writing CSS, HTML, and Liquid
  • At least 1 year of professional experience with the Shopify platform, specifically in creating collections, managing product data and metafields, installing and configuring apps, setting up menus, and customizing theme settings
  • Are capable of efficient work and self-managing your workload of multiple projects at a time
  • The ability to write and communicate well in English
  • Ability to take responsibility and ownership for results
  • Strong collaboration skills to work with our team to reach goals
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to problem solve when it comes to writing custom code or troubleshooting bugs

Types of Projects You Will Be Working On

Every project is unique, and you’d be working on those that your skills and experience would be best suited for. Here are some projects we’ve worked on recently so you can get an idea of what we do.

  • Development of a new Shopify store, which involves customizing a Shopify theme and building out new features to help increase the client’s conversion rate
  • Evaluate a current eCommerce site for areas of impactful improvement, from customer experience, mobile UI, risk mitigation, and branding
  • Installation and configuration of apps to extend functionality and add strategic features to our client sites
  • Creation and management of key Shopify features such as collections, product metafields, and navigation menus


  • Competitive salary with a 13th-month bonus
  • A remote, creative environment to flex your abilities, while also improving your skill set
  • Amazing customers and client community and the ability to make a significant impact